Head of department
Name Position Telephone Email
Dr. Hilla Karas Faculty member 03-5317587 hilla.karas@biu.ac.il
Name Position Telephone Email
Dr. Omri Asscher Faculty member 03-5318227 omri.asscher@biu.ac.il
Dr. Galia Hirsch Faculty member 03-5318227 galiahirsch@gmail.com
Name Position Telephone Email
Ruchie Avital Hebrew to English track ruchie.avital@gmail.com
Dr. Nehama Baruch Hebrew syntax and style Nbnb2121@gmail.com
Mr. Stanislav Chernobilsky Russian track stan-ch@zahav.net.il
Ms. Shulamit Haran English and French tracks Shulamit.Haran@biu.ac.il
Ms. Judith Rubanovsky-Paz Russian track judith@jrp.co.il
Dr. Michal Schuster Teaching Community Interpreting michal.schuster@biu.ac.il
Dr. Tanya Voinova Russian track tanya.voinov@gmail.com