Consultation, curation, instruction

Our faculty and alumni play key roles in the field of translation and beyond, in Israel and abroad. Their variegated work reflects the many faces and languages of Israeli culture.


Selected projects:

Interpreting services consultant for the Israeli judiciary administration (Mrs. Neri Svenier, alumni-turned-faculty)

Content curator, the Talmud English translation project (Mr. Avishai Magence, alumni)

State-level translation instructor for the Ministry of Education (Mrs. Gabi Rebed, alumni)

Editor of Atiqot, Journal of the Israel Department of Antiquities (Mrs. Rachel Kudish-Vashdi, alumni)

Headmaster of the Multilingual Experimental Secondary School in Kfar Kama (Mrs. Irit Drori, alumni)

Interpreter for the U.S. State Department, localization expert for leading communication and tech companies in Silicon Valley (Mrs. Merav Rosenblum)

Head of interpreting department at the Prime Minister’s Office in Israel (Mrs. Dana Hayoun)

Interpreter for the Coptic Orthodox Patriarchate in Jerusalem (Mrs. Maria Iskander)

Director of Information Management and International Cooperation at the National Roads Company of Israel (Mr. Yevgeni Artsev)