About the department

The Department of Translation and Interpreting Studies is the only one in Israel to offer an MA, PhD and professional certificate programs in translation and interpreting studies. Since 2017, the department is a member of the International Doctorate in Translation Studies network, which promotes the research and teaching of translation in doctoral programs worldwide.  

Bridging Between Languages, Cultures, and People

From property records in different languages on clay tablets found in Mesopotamia to translating apps in the digital age of the twenty first century, from translating the Holy Scriptures and great works of literature to community interpretation that make medical and legal services accessible, translation bridges between cultures and languages, between societies and individuals.

The Department of Translation and Translation Research is a unique entity in the academic landscape of humanities, mutually enriching and naturally combining theory and practice. The department provides academic education in the diverse fields of translation research, augmented by practical workshops in specialized, commercially in-demand areas of translation.

In a time when machine seems to challenge human work, our graduates are finding their rightful place in the job market, proving that there is no substitute for human translators, and that translation is indeed one of the most prospering professions of the global era.

A Profession and a Degree

We pride ourselves on being the only department in Israel to grant graduate and postgraduate degrees in translation research, as well as a certification in translation. We are the only place in Israel to teach written and oral translation, simultaneous and consecutive, in specialized computer labs, as well as two-way translation.

The department offers a wide variety of workshops and practical courses in which students acquire translation and interpretation skills such as problem analysis and implementation of solution strategies, learning terminology and becoming acquainted with different software and translation tools. Our students learn how to cope with professional texts in a variety of fields – business, marketing, medicine, academic works, technical texts, journalism, literature and more – and how to establish work habits that will serve them well in their future careers, whether in translation or in related professions in content creation.

Our faculty is comprised of active translators, interpreters and researchers at the forefront of their field (see some examples here), as can also be gleaned from the graduate degree specialization tracks (thesis or non-thesis) and PhD research. The intimate atmosphere at the department is easily felt thanks to personal attention and warm student community.

The international nature of the department allows it to offer several unique tracks in different languages:

  • Hebrew <> English
  • Hebrew <> Arabic
  • Hebrew <> French
  • Hebrew <> Spanish
  • Hebrew/English <> Russian

The department collaborates with prestigious institutions around the world, including a student exchange program with Inalco University in Paris and has been selected by the European Society for Translation Studies to be part of the world-leading network of universities for postgraduate translation studies.

If you have an undergraduate degree, have good command of at least two languages, and are lovers of the written word, our department can help you realize your skills and acquire an advanced degree and professional training in a fascinating and highly rewarding field.

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The Department of Translation and Interpreting Studies prides itself on its faculty, which consists of established translators and interpreters and world-renowned scholars in the discipline of Translation Studies. A particularly strong commitment to teaching has garnered our department in recent years three university-wide Faculty Awards for Excellence in Teaching.