Faculty member

Dr. Galia Hirsch

    Indirectness: distinction between irony and humor; irony and humor in news interviews; humor appreciation in the new media.
    Comparative pragmatic analysis in Hebrew, Spanish, English, ISL, and implications for translation; primarily relating to differences in the use of explicitation strategies.
    Pragmatic analysis of literary texts and implications of Mental Spaces Theory for translation.

    Galia Hirsch has conducted her Post-doctoral Research at the Smart Institute of Communication and the Department of Communication and Journalism, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Her PhD thesis, at the department of Translation and Interpreting Studies, Bar Ilan University, explored the differentiation between irony and humor through a comparative pragmatic analysis of literary texts in Hebrew, Spanish, and English, primarily investigating differences in the use of explicitation strategies in translations. 

    Last Updated Date : 26/02/2024