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Faculty member

Prof. Rachel Weissbrod

Kort building (1004) room 210
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Rachel Weissbrod is professor emerita and former chair of the Department of Translation and Interpreting Studies at Bar-Ilan University. Her areas of research include theory of translation, literary translation into Hebrew, translation for the media and the interrelation between translation and other forms of transfer. She has published in Target, The Translator, Meta, Babel, Linguistica Antverpiensia, Jostrans, Translation Studies and more. Her book Not by Word Alone, Fundamental Issues in Translation (in Hebrew) was published by The Open University of Israel in 2007. She coauthored with Ayelet Kohn Translating the Visual - A Multimodal Perspective (Routledge 2019).


Translation Studies - Where From? Where To?

Translation as Problem Solving

Translation and Meaning

Shakespeare's Translations and Adaptations

Translation and Metaphor

Translation for the Electronic Media

Translation of Multimodal Texts


Theory of translation

Literary translation into Hebrew

Translation for the electronic media (subtitles, dubbing)

Inter-semiotic translation (transfer)

Translation and anti-Semitism

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