Yearsort icon Advisor Student
2017 William Shakespeare's The Tragedy of Richard III: Political aspects of the source and its translations into Hebrew, and its performance on Israeli theatre stage in the last 50 years MA Weissbrod Rachel Galit Itzhak
2016 Representations of the German Language in Relation to Representations of German Characters in American Films Released between 1939-1945 MA Karas Hilla Adela Davies
2016 The Intra-lingual and Inter-lingual Translation of the Siddur by the American Reform Movement as an Expression of the Movement’s Ideological Changes and in Light of the Historical Events and Social Transformations that Took Place from the Middle of the 19th Century until 2007 MA Weissbrod Rachel Nurit Eliassaf
2015 Interpreting Proper Nouns Heard on the News into Israeli Sign Language MA Weissbrod Rachel Talya Etinger
2014 Translation-related metaphors said or written by French translators in the last 50 years MA Weissbrod Rachel Gordon Adi
2013 Transfer, Hypertextuality and Allusion in Terry Pratchetts' Wyrd Sisters MA Weissbrod Rachel Volosin Margarita
2013 Opera Translations in Light of Skopos Theory "Don Giovanni" as a Test Case MA Weissbrod Rachel Lewinski Ada
2013 AVT Consumption and Success in Foreign Language Acquisition As Reflected in Academic Achievements of Children and Adolescents with a Focus on Slow Learners MA Weissbrod Rachel Libman Noa
2012 The Implied Translator’s Voice in Personal Columns in the Israeli Edition of PC Magazine Translated into Hebrew in 2001-2005 MA Weissbrod Rachel Tsibelman Alla Maayan
2012 Educational Interpreting: Self Perception of Sign Language Interpreters in The Mainstream Classroom. MA Gali Eagelberg